Our main activity in the consecution of strategic alliances, products, services and searching for viable solutions to help our clients, with the highest standards of efficiency, professionalism and ethics. 


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Our mission is to design and manufacture sustainable solutions that change, or at least improve, the life of those who use them. Integral solutions, innovative and fast deployment to give support to any activity of any operator anywhere. We go where nobody goes.

The team of people who conforms the company shares the values of commitment, innovation, excellency, reliability and versatility.

The work is done aiming to get the maximum social benefit and corporate from responsibility, betting for quality and the satisfaction of our main interest groups: employees, clients, stakeholders, providers, users, and society in general.


We are a team of Swiss specialists for information and data security.
Our aim is to protect your privacy.

The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Zug, an internationally renowned business location in the heart of Switzerland.

We help companies and authorities to protect their innovations and confidential data against third-party eyes, ears and attacks.

In the analogue world we place our private documents in a physical safe. In the digital world we all need secure communication and a digital vault. Our quality solutions guarantee confidentiality at the highest Swiss level. As firm as alpine granite and comparable with the mail secrecy of former days.



Es una firma colombiana de consultoría y construcción, encargada de ejecutar y supervisar proyectos de Ingeniería Eléctrica, Civil, Electrónica y Metalmecánica para el desarrollo del sector público y privado, los cuales contribuyen al crecimiento económico del país a través de la generación de empleo.



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